Monday, May 26, 2008

Countdown to UGA-GSU: 96 Days

Deangelo Tyson, DT
6-2, 276, Statesboro GA (Statesboro HS), True Freshman
Until he committed to UGA early in the recruiting period before his senior season, this was the consensus #1 player in the State. Of course, the fact that he committed so early immediately dropped him a spot or two in favor of Omar Hunter, who dragged his recruitment out until the end. Some services said that he had a poor senior season, never mind the fact that he was often double and triple teamed. While he was fairly locked in on UGA early, he did choose UGA over offers from Tennessee, Auburn, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, and Clemson. The one thing that most scouts discuss when talking about Tyson is his footwork. His high school coach has even compared him to Glenn Dorsey, although it is unclear to this point how heavy he will be when he reports to Athens.
Depth Chart Analysis: As mentioned above, his size may determine whether or not he sees the field this Fall, or gets a redshirt. Conventional wisdom would say that between Tyson and AJ Harmon, one of them plays and one doesn't. Harmon, at 305 lbs, probably would be better prepared to play run stuffer in the SEC. No question however, that Tyson is a tremendous talent and will be another solid (perhaps even spectucular) defensive cog for the Dawgs.

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